Joseph Hawkins







Joseph Hawkins

Joseph Hawkins

Spokane, WA


Have always enjoyed arts in any medium.
I started in woodworking when i was a kid, then moved to stained glass in teens, then antique restoration, then began to daddle in drawing in cartoons over the next 20 years. Oil painting was next, acrylics next,pencil drawings next, sculpture and murals were next and now colored pencil, and recently Pastel to the max. trying to always understand and appreciate color in any medium.
Have recently begun redoing masters in oils on large canvas. this has been quite rewarding. so if there are any large famous paintings that you have always wanted the real thing done by an oil painter send me an email. these oil paintings are made of the finest oils and done by hand and using the finest canvas. Just finished Monet lady in parasol, and am currently doing rembrandts christ on the sea. If you look in my galary you will see the process i go through to make them. the rembrandt is 60 inches by 48 inches. Email if interested. currently all 100% of all proceeds are going to my son to help him serve a mission for his church. He will be leaving a little less than a year.


The Good Samaratin by Rembrandt


Samson and Delilah by Rembrandt


Angel and Prophet by Rembrandt


Rembrandt Books still life by Rembrandt


Old man at window by Rembrandt


Jesus Christ road to emmaus by Rembrandt


Disciples at Emmaus by Rembrandt


rembrandt by rembrandt


rembrandt smaller version by Rembrandt


Rembrandt man at window by rembrandt


Jesus in the Temple by Heinrich Hoffmann


Angel at Gethsemene by Carl Bloch


Peters denial of Christ by carl bloch


Christ and the child by Carl Bloch


The Last Supper by Leonardo Davinci


Jesus Christ by Carl Bloch


samson by carl bloch


rich man in parable by Rembrandt


Christ Rebuking Satan by Carl Bloch


Jesus Christ portrait by Rembrandt


Le Christ marchant sur la mer by Amedee Varint


Sermon on the mount by Carl Bloch


Daniel in the lions den by Briton Riviere


Gassed by John Singer Sargent


The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh


sunset by claude monet


rembrandt progression by Joseph Hawkins


rembrandt progression by Joseph Hawkins


Rembrandt progression by Joseph Hawkins


rembrandt in progression by Joseph Hawkins


The 9th by Joseph Hawkins


yellowstone park by Joseph Hawkins


absrtract traffic by Joseph Hawkins


the skys the limit by Joseph Hawkins


heidi 1937 by Joseph Hawkins


orange popies by Joseph Hawkins


winter lillies by Joseph Hawkins


three cherries by Joseph Hawkins


red house on left once in a blue moon by Joseph Hawkins


Joes world of Art by Joseph Hawkins


oval perspective of fun city by Joseph Hawkins


No way out by Joseph Hawkins


pen and ink tree by Joseph Hawkins


pencil sketch outdoor by Joseph Hawkins


boat pier pencil by Joseph Hawkins


tree growing out of barn by Joseph Hawkins


girl by Joseph Hawkins


Grandma as a child by Joseph Hawkins